Mpavilion: Mtalks - Tapestry x Architecture

On collaboration in tapestry and architecture

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Pop Architecture and Hotham Street Ladies discuss their winning entry to the 2018 Tapestry Design Prize for Architects as part of the MPavilion summer program.

A playful and interactive workshop immerses the audience into scenes from the winning design, Chaos and Fertility, through life-sized textile vignettes that visually transform their design into its intended scale. The workshop also encourages participants to learn the basics of weaving on an Australian Tapestry Workshop (ATW) community loom.  

A panel discussion led by leading architect Peter Williams, sees ATW weaver Chris Cochius, the Hotham Street Ladies and Pop Architecture deliberate about how tapestries engage with space and place, and the importance of collaboration between the ATW with living architects, designers and artists. 

These themes are also discussed in an interview with Cassandra Chilton (HSL), Katherine Sainsbery (Pop) and Angie Rehe on Triple R’s Summer Smartarts.
To hear Pop Architecture and the Hotham Street Ladies on RRR at 01:58:00, click here.

For more on our winning tapestry entry, click here.

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